Association for Asian Studies, Inc.



To:            Abraham Yu, Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

From:        Sarah S. Elman, CEAL Treasurer

Topic:        2005/2006 financial report

Date:        April 1, 2006


This report covers the financial conditions as well as the membership/subscription status of the Council on East Asian Libraries from February 25, 2005¡ªthe date of my previous report, to March 31, 2006.


Financial conditions


According to the account statement from the AAS Comptroller Jill Howell, the beginning balance of the CEAL account was $20,469.08 as of February 25, 2005. Between February 25, 2005 and March 31, 2006, CEAL received $13,340.00 in personal as well as institutional subscription payments and $981.91 in accrued interest, for a total of $14,321.91.


The total debit for the same period was $12,472.57. The three largest items were: $6,920.19 for printing of JEAL issues 135-138; $2,198.29 for mailing; and $1,685.50 for the 2005 annual meeting. The ending balance of the CEAL account as of March 31, 2006 is $23,082.42. This reflects a net increase of $2,613.34 over the previous year¡¯s final total.


The account for the Committee on Korean Materials has a balance of $1,087.78, and the Committee on Chinese Materials account has a balance of $3,238.71--the Chinese Committee raised a total of $3,400.00 last year.


Two tables are listed at the end of the file for your reference.


Membership/subscription status


¡ì         Personal subscribers


Thirty-two new subscribers were added this year¡ªmost of them are members. Three people canceled their subscriptions. A few people were overdue for more than two years and were removed from the membership list. Sixteen subscribers did not respond to renewal notices twice and are now considered inactive. Including these 16 people, the total number of subscribers is 248. This represents an increase of 8 subscribers over the previous year.


¡ì         Institutional subscribers


Six new institutions subscribed to JEAL last year, while eight canceled their subscriptions. Currently, we have a total of 100 institutional subscribers, although some of them are slightly overdue. This represents a decrease of 2 institutions over the previous year.


This is my final report as the Treasurer of the Council. I will work with the incoming Treasurer to ensure a smooth transition. Thank you very much for your support during the past three years.


Council on East Asian Libraries Financial Report (two tables)


Table 1: CEAL 2005/2006 financial chart












Opening Balance (02/25/2005)





JEAL Subscriptions





JEAL Printing (#135-138)










2005 Annual Meeting Expenses





CEAL Workshop Expense (partial)










Interest Earned










Transaction Total





Current Balance (03/31/2006)






¡¤        Voided checks, etc.


Table 2: CEAL financial balance comparison









Ending Balance (Feb./Mar.)







Change from previous year