CEAL Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting I: Wednesday March 12, 1997, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Chicago Sheraton Hotel


Ken Klein (President, USC)
Tai-loi Ma (President-elect, Chicago)
Doris Seely (Secretary, Minnesota)
Fred Brady (Treasurer)

Min-chih Chou (Washington)
Linda Joe (Britsih Columbia)
Yasuko Makino (Columbia)
William B. McCloy (Washington Law)
Ichiko T. Morita (LC)
Karen Wei (Illinois)

Chairs of Committees

Yeen-mei Wu (Chair, Chinese Materials, Washington)
Sachie Noguchi (Chair, Japanese Materials, Pittsburgh)
Kyungmi Chun (Chair, Korean Materials, Hawaii)
Robert H. Felsing (Chair, Library Technology, Oregon)
Timothy Connor (Chair, Public Services, Harvard)
Philip A. Melzer (Chair, Technical Processing, LC)
Gail King (Chair, Publications, Brigham Young)


After all the expenses for printing and distributing JEAL and the CEAL Directory have been apid, there is a limited amount of money (perhaps $2000) left each year for funding speakers at CEAL meetings or other CEAL projects. After much discussion of the best way to allocate these funds, it was decided that all requests for funding, whether for speakers or for other projects, will be submitted to the Executive Committee by November 15 of each year. The Committee will decide which requests to fund and announce its decision by December 15.


The Committee discussed how best to organize and coordinate the various CEAL publications, eastlib, and the CEAL home page. Gail King mentioned that items to be included in the Journal of East Asian Libraries seem to be mostly submitted directly to the Editor now and suggested that perhaps area editors are no longer needed for the Journal. Bob Felsing noted , on the other hand, that area editors for the CEAL home page would be very useful. It was decided that the President will have general oversight of all CEAL publications and communications. Each committee will be asked to appoint a person to post announcements on the CEAL home page and /or local home page(s) in html. Area editors will be eliminated for JEAL, and CEAL will solicit volunteers to act as area editors for the CEAL home page.


CEAL ballots were opened and the votes counted. Charles d'Orban (Cornell) is the new CEAL Secretary, Fred Brady will continue as CEAL Treasurer, and Joy Kim (USC) and Marcia Ristaino (LC) were elected to serve as Executive Committee members. Each of these terms is for three years, 1997-2000. Outgoing Committee members were thanked for their services.

Doris Seely, Secretary