CEAL Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting I: Wednesday March 9, 1999, Boston, MA (8:00-10:00 p.m.)

1. ELECTION RESULTS: President-elect - William B. McCloy; Chairs of committees, 1999-2002: Public Services - Cathy Chiu, Technical Processing - Abraham Yu, Library Technology - Robert Britt, Chinese Materials - Yuan Zhou, Japanese Materials - Hideyuki Morimoto, Korean Materials - Joy Kim; Executive Committee Members, 1999-2002: Ai-hwa Wu, Anna U.

2. FUNDING FOR SPECIAL PROJECTS: It was agreed that the Workshop proposed by the Chinese Materials Committee should be funded. The previous year's decision concerning funding for special projects and guest speakers was reviewed. $500 each for two committees can be funded. Proposals should be submitted to the President and should give a justification for the project or speaker. It was agreed that the Japanese and Korean Materials Committees will be eligible for funding in the year 2000 and that the Technical Processing and Library Technology Committees will be eligible in 2001. However, there is no need for the schedule for funding to be rigid and committees may trade places.

3. TREASURER'S REPORT: The Treasurer reported that some 60 people whose membership fees were seriously overdue have been removed from the membership list.

4. CEAL APPLICATION FORMS: It was suggested that the CEAL application forms be added to the CEAL website. Bob Felsing reported that this had already been done.

5. RESIGNATION OF CEAL PRESIDENT: The President, Ma Tai-Loi, announced his intention of approaching the new President-elect to see if he would be prepared to assume his duties a year earlier. [Bill McCloy subsequently agreed to become Acting President for 1999/2000.]

6. JEAL EDITOR: The President and the President-Elect will consult over whom to approach to be the editor of JEAL. [Gail King subsequently agreed to continue as editor.]

7. CEAL DIRECTORY: It was suggested that it would be appropriate to form a taskforce for the compilation of the CEAL Directory. It was agreed that vernacular scripts for Asian names be included in an index. This work can be farmed out to volunteers with the appropriate language skills. Tim Connor recommended that when names are ambiguous as to gender, that the designations M and F be included in the Directory. As titles and names of positions vary from one institution to another, it was urged that functional titles be used in the Directory to avoid ambiguity. It was recommended that the web version of the Directory be updated.

8. CONFERENCE PLANNING COMMITTEE: A proposal that there should be a conference planning committee was rejected on the grounds that the Executive Committee already serves this function.

9. NEW STATISTICS FORM: The new form for statistical reporting will come into effect in the coming year. It was recommended that the form be added to the CEAL website.

10. CEAL WEBSITE UPDATING: The new Chairs of committees were mandated to maintain the relevant sections of the CEAL website. It was recommended that some money (perhaps $500) be allocated to employ students to update the website and check links, etc.

Prepared by Charles D'Orban, CEAL Secretary; transcribed and edited by Bill McCloy