CEAL Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting I:  held from 9:00 a.m. to Noon. Friday March 8, 2000 at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego.

CEAL 2000: Minutes of the First Executive Committee Meeting, March 8, 2000, San
Diego (Minutes Reconstructed From Fragmentary Notes)

Held from 9:00 a.m. to noon, Friday March 8, 2000 at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego.

Present: Fred Brady (University of Utah), Rob Britt (Washington Law), Cathy Chiu (UC Santa Barbara), Charles D'Orban (Cornell), Joy Kim (USC), Gail King (Brigham Young), Bill McCloy (Washington Law) [President], Hideyuki Morimoto (UC Berkeley), Kenji Nikki (Michigan), Marcia Ristaino (Library of Congress), Anna U (Toronto), Phyllis Wang (UC Davis), Ai-Hwa Wu (Arizona State), Abraham Yu (UC Irvine), Yuan Zhou (Chicago).


The ballots were counted by the Executive Committee and the following were declared elected: Secretary - Doris Seeley; Treasurer - Wen-Ling Liu; Members-at-Large - Hsi-chu Bolick (3 yrs.), Sachie Noguchi (3 yrs.), Fred Brady (1 yr. - to fill out the final year of the term of Phyllis Wang who announced her retirement effective April 2000). The Executive Committee decided that in future, ballot counting should be delegated to two or three Executive Committee members to save valuable meeting time.


The minutes of the 1999 Boston meetings and the Treasurer's Report were approved.


Bill reported that Rob Britt had agreed to serve as "Technical Specialist", making sure that needed equipment was present and worked properly for all CEAL meetings.


We discussed the best way to honor CEAL retirees, some of whom had requested that they not be recognized in any way. It was decided that in the future the CEAL President will not read a list of names but will simply ask those who have retired in the last year or will be retiring in the coming year to stand to be recognized by their colleagues. In this way, each affected CEAL member's feelings about her/his own retirement will be respected.


Bill reviewed the new policy on 10-minute breaks between meetings and urged members to watch the time, use the microphone, clear the rooms as soon as their sessions are concluded, etc.


Bill noted that the purpose of this group is to address issues of common concern among CEAL, the SE Asian library group (CORMOSEA), and the South Asia library group (CONSALD).


Bill reported that while we encouraged European visitors to join us at this conference, few were able to attend. We discussed the introduction of guests at the Fellowship Dinner and agreed to pay for Eugene Wu's dinner as he was the keynote speaker at the Plenary Session.


We discussed the contents of the CEAL Website, how it should be updated, who should be responsible, security of contents, and where it should be located. The Executive Committee decided that these matters were better addressed outside the Executive Committee. Rather than appoint a task force, we decided to ask the Committee on Library Technology to work with Bob Felsing on solutions to these matteris. It was also recommended that we use PURLs (Persistent URLs) to avoid constant updating of URLs as files move around.


Doris Seeley who had produced the previous Directory has volunteered to do the updating. The Executive Committee suggested strongly that this edition be produced both in print and on the Web, that it contain characters for people's names, and that it include email addresses. It was suggested that Doris choose a Task Force to help her with the web version. [Note: In the end, most of the web work was done by Rob Britt.] Phyllis Wang volunteered to help with the inputting of characters. We discussed what price we should set on this for non-CEAL members. [Note: Later, a price of $25 was agreed upon over email.]


We discussed the problems of committees scheduling "competing" workshops. The Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Materials Committees all expressed interest in possibly doing workshops at the 2002 meeting in Washington, D.C. Further discussion was deferred until the 2nd Executive Committee Meeting.


It was noted that the Executive Committee had set up a timetable for giving grants to committees on a rotational basis as well as discussing procedures for deferral, etc. However, it is hard to remember what was decided when. We decided that matters like this should be included in the minutes and that we should post major decisions on the CEAL website for reference by all CEAL members.


It was reiterated that as much as possible we should being planning our committee meetings no later than Fall, send out general agendas in January, and distribute detailed committee meeting agendas one month in advance of the annual meeting. Unfortunately, it was noted, this sometimes makes it difficult to take advantage of good ideas or speakers that surface after programs have been finalized.

JEAL (Journal of East Asian Libraries)

We will set as a goal putting up the JEAL table of contents on the CEAL Website, linked to information on the journal. We will also try to put back issues on Web if possible. It was suggested that JEAL include information on retirements and new people.

CEAL Archives

It was suggested again that CEAL establish an archive of minutes and Executive Committee decisions on issues such as the rotation of committee meetings, criteria and schedules for committee grants, etc., and that this information be mounted on the CEAL website.