CEAL Executive Board Meeting II

Friday March 5, 2004, 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Esquire Room

Town & Country Hotel, San Diego





Present: Jim Cheng, Vickie Fu Doll , Sharon Domier , Sarah Elman, Robert Felsing, Ellen Hammond, Joy Kim, Gail King, Sun-Yoon Lee, Kuniko Yamada McVey, Philip Melzer, Hideyuki Morimoto , Zhijia Shen, Amy Tsiang, Kristina Troost, Karen Wei, Hyokyoung Yi,  Abraham J. Yu.



1.      Welcome to New Executive Board Members and Introduction


Abraham Yu opened the meeting and welcomed newly elected members: Philip Melzer (VP and President Elect), Jim Cheng (Chair of the Committee on Membership), Ellen Hammond (Member-at-Large), and Sun-Yoon Lee (Member-at-Large with Korea focus).


2.      Membership Committee Duties and Responsibilities


The Board recommended that the Committee on Membership include an uneven number (to avoid tie votes), up to eight members plus the Chair.  Duties of the new Membership Committee were discussed as follows. 


        CEAL Directory Online

Maintaining the online directory was discussed.  One suggestion was to post an online form at the CEAL Directory page, which individual libraries could access (with password protection) to directly update data about their own libraries.   Another suggestion was to link the directory update with the annual statistics survey.  The two chairs (Membership and Statistics) were asked to explore issues and options and make a report to the Executive Board by email.    


           New CEAL Directory

The merits of online vs. hard copy directories were discussed.  It was decided that the CEAL Directory will be published in hard copy every five years.  The next issue will be in 2005. 


           Mentoring Program

Jim Cheng sees mentoring an important component of the Membership Committee duties.  Thanks to his positive personal experience of having Bill McCloy as his mentor, he is committed to developing a mentoring program for CEAL.  He hopes to sponsor a round table for new members and mentors next year.


3.      Annual Meeting Registration and the AAS Badge


Abraham said that, since CEAL members don¨t have access to badge holders until AAS opens later in the week, Bill McCloy used to order badge holders in advance.  However, it now costs extra money.  EB members were encouraged to recycle badge holders for next year.  It was suggested that registration badges be required to attend CEAL meetings next year.


4.  Reports from Committees


        Committee on Chinese Materials


Karen Wei reported that the Committee program attracted a full house audience and the room was overcrowded.  She suggested that pre-registration would help the Committee chairs to plan for appropriate size rooms.  It was pointed out, however, that AAS does not necessarily honor CEAL¨s request for room sizes.  She also mentioned that the 25 delegates from China who were taking pictures during the program were disruptive.  She asked if there are policies governing the committee meetings.  It was recommended that the committee chairs make an announcement at the beginning of the program to discourage disruptive behaviors such as picture taking and cellular phone usage in multiple languages as follows:


ü      Committee on Chinese Materials: English and Chinese

ü      Committee on Korean Materials:  English and Korean

ü      Committee on Japanese Materials: English and Japanese

ü      Committees on Library Technology, Public Services, and Technical Processing:  orally in English, and in writing in all three CJK languages on PowerPoint slides.


        CEAL Statistics


Vickie Doll reported that the Committee on Statistics is planning on a special CEAL Statistics issue for 2005. There will be solicited articles surveying the past 25 years of CEAL. The Committee is also working on adding retrospective (pre-1998) data online. 


        Task Force on JEAL


Gail King reported on the meeting of the Task Force on JEAL, held the morning of March 5, 2004.  The Task Force made the following recommendations:

ü      JEAL should become a peer-reviewed journal.

ü      An Editorial Board should be established.

ü      There should be two issues per year.

ü      The Newsletter function should be moved to the Web.

The Executive Board determined that before making any decisions, the
CEAL membership should be surveyed regarding the question of whether
JEAL should be made a peer-reviewed journal.  Accordingly, Gail King as
Chair of the Task Force and Editor of JEAL was directed to draw up a
survey and, after review by the EB, to submit it to the CEAL membership.
EB members stressed that the newsletter items in the Journal still need
to have a print archive, beyond electronic access on the Web.  After CEAL member opinions are collected, the Executive Board will discuss the issue further.


Having run out of time, the following agenda items were tabled:


5.      Life Membership for CEAL

6.      The Second Executive Board Meeting time



(Recorded and respectfully submitted by: Joy Kim, Secretary)