CEAL 2005 Executive Board Meeting II

Thursday  (March 31, 2005) 4:00 p.m. ¨C 5:50 p.m.

Hong Kong (Gold Level-West Tower)


PresentKeiko Yokota Carter, Jim Cheng, Vickie Doll, Sarah Elman, Bob Felsing, Ellen Hammond, Martin Heijdra, David Hickey, Mikyung Kang, Joy Kim, Gail King, Sun-yoon Lee, Mary Lin, Philip Melzer, Hideyuki Morimoto, Kristina Troost, Xian Wu, AbrahamYu

Absent:    Zhijia Shen


1.                  Welcome to New Executive Board Members


Abraham Yu opened the meeting with a warm welcome to the following new members:


Committee on Japanese Materials: Keiko Yokota Carter (University of Washington)

Committee on Korean Materials: Mikyung Kang (UCLA)

Committee on Library Technology: Xian Wu (Cornell University)

Committee on Public Services: David Hickey (University of Florida)

Committee on Technical Processing: Mary Lin (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Members at Large: Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia University) and

                               Martin Heijdra (Princeton University)


2.  2006 Seoul IFLA Organizing Committee Presentation


Dr. Jung Dong Yeol from the 2006 Seoul IFLA Organizing Committee paid a brief visit to EB to give a short presentation on the progress for 2006 IFLA conference in Seoul, Korea.  He expressed his desire for CEAL¡¯s active participation and pledged his full support.  Abraham announced that a special committee has been appointed to coordinate CEAL¡¯s participation, with the following initial members:  Wooseob Jeong, Mikyung Kang, Philip Melzer, Hyokyoung Yi, and Joy Kim (Chair).  More members may be invited.    


3.                   Lifetime Membership


Sarah said that some members inquired about lifetime membership of CEAL.  AAS and ALA grant life time membership for 20 years¡¯ membership paid at once.  Various questions were brought up: are the annual CEAL dues for membership or for subscription to JEAL?  Is AAS membership a pre-requisite for CEAL membership?  If it is, how does CEAL lifetime membership translate into AAS membership?  Can JEAL subscription be handled by AAS? 


A special committee was formed to investigate these and other related questions, with the following members: Jim Cheng, Sarah Elman, and Kris Troost (Chair) who may appoint more members.  The charges for the one-year Special Committee on Membership Issues are:


¡¤        Clarify CEAL¡¯s relationship with AAS and propose alternatives (if any)

¡¤        Recommend: should CEAL seek non-profit status for tax exemption purposes? (Currently the status is limited to Michigan.)

¡¤        Recommend: should CEAL require separate registration?

¡¤        Lifetime membership    


4.                  Annual Meeting Schedules (Concurrent vs. Extended Schedule)


The issue of scheduling the ever increasing meetings, including reception and tours of local libraries and affiliated group meetings within limited available time slots, was reviewed.  In the end, it was acknowledged that concurrent programming cannot be avoided.  The current schedule structure will be kept.


5.                  Directory Open Access Policy


Jim Cheng raised various questions regarding the online CEAL directory.  Should Email be required?  Keep it open or closed?  Allow access to nonmembers (such as ILL staff), and commercial vendors?  Publish paper directory?  Vickie Doll volunteered to investigate the current database and make recommendations for any changes.  Jim will send a CD to Vickie.   


6.                  Web Site Management & Server Issue


Xian Wu, new Chair of the Committee on Library Technology, will investigate the CEAL domain and Web site management issues, consulting previous chairs, and make a report. 


7.                  Vote on JEAL as Peer Reviewed Journal.


The result of the vote was announced:  73 Yes, and 90 No.  Abraham will announce the results on Eastlib. 


8.                  Bylaws Revision


Having run out of time, Abraham said that this will be discussed via email.  He will compile major Bylaw revision issues and email to EB members.   


(Recorded and respectfully submitted by Joy Kim)