CEAL 2006 Executive Board Meeting I

Tuesday (April 4) 7:00 p.m. ¨C 9:00 p.m.

Sierra Suite F

San Francisco Marriott

55 Fourth Street, San Francisco





1.      Agenda Review (All)

No change was made to the agenda.


2.       Recognition of Outgoing Executive Board Members (Abraham J. Yu)

The following outgoing members were recognized:

Sarah Elman, Treasurer

Robert Felsing, Member-at-Large

Joy Kim, Secretary

Gail King, JEAL Editor

Kris Troost, Member-at-Large

Abraham Yu, President


Joy expressed special thanks to Gail King for taking over responsibilities of mailing JEAL issues to subscribers, which had been a big part of Secretary¡¯s duties.


3.       Election results (Ellen Hammond)

Ellen, Chair of the Nominating Committee, thanked the members Martin Heijdra, Sun-Yoon Lee, Abraham Yu (ex officio) for their hard work.  Wooseob Jeong prepared the electronic ballots once again.  Ellen also thanked all the brave souls who agreed to stand for the election.  The following people were elected:

¡¤         Kris Troost (Duke), Vice President/President Elect

¡¤         Ellen McGill (Harvard-Yenching), Secretary

¡¤         Toshie Mara (UCLA), Treasurer

¡¤         Hong Xu (University of Pittsburgh), Member-at-Large

¡¤         Kuniko McVey (Harvard-Yenching), Member-at-Large


Ellen proposed that a set of nominating guidelines or rules be developed and documented to aid future Nominating Committee¡¯s work.  The working document would not necessarily require  Bylaws revision.


4.       Appointment of JEAL Editor (Philip Melzer)

Philip Melzer, incoming President, nominated Gail King for another term as JEAL Editor and it was approved. 


5.       JEAL Editor¡¯s Report (Gail King)

In October, 2003, Gail proposed formally to the BYU library Administrative Council that all back issues of the official CEAL publication (first a newsletter, then a Bulletin, and finally a Journal) be digitized in order to complete the archive of Journal of East Asian Libraries on the BYU Scholarly Periodicals Center website.  At that time Issues from No. 110 (Oct. 1996) forward had been digitized (the latest year is available only as Table of Contents), and the back issues requested for digitization were Nos. 1-109.  The Administrative Council approved her proposal, and work began on getting the early numbers of the publication digitized and mounted.  Nos. 1-51 were completed by the end of 2004.  Since that time no more issues were digitized due to lack of funds for such special projects.  Early in October, 2005, the library Administrative Council determined that no new digitization projects would be undertaken, but ongoing regular projects would continue.  Gail¡¯s understanding is that new issues of JEAL fall into this category, and digitization of them should continue as agreed. However, Gail wondered about the still-undone numbers 52-109 that were needed to complete the archive and began to think what she could do, as Editor of JEAL, to help with this project. 

In November, 2005, Gail requested of her Division head and the library comptroller permission to transfer $2400 from the Asian Collection student wage budget and $500 from the Asian Collection supplies budget, a total of $2900, to the library Digitization Lab to pay for outsourcing of the digitization (at iArchives), loading, and cataloging of the Journal of East Asian Libraries, issues 52 through 109.  This request was granted and the funds were transferred on November 21, 2005.  In December the lab began the ILL work to get microfilms of issues 52-106, and Gail supplied paper copies of issues 107-109 to be scanned.  Progress on the project has been slowed because of an upgrade to the software (CONTENTdm) used in marking and making a new set of configuration files.  But work is now ongoing.  Issues 52-106 are now at iArchives, and numbers 107-109 have been scanned and submitted to iArchives for digitization.  

Gail hopes that before too long, the entire JEAL backfile will be available on the BYU Scholarly Periodicals Center website (http://www.lib.byu.edu/spc/).


6.      Orientation for incoming Executive Board members

Abraham asked the outgoing EB members to help their successors to attend the second EB meeting. 


7.       Treasurer¡¯s Report (Sarah Elman)

The beginning balance of the CEAL account was $20,469.08 as of February 25, 2005. Between February 25, 2005 and March 31, 2006, CEAL received $13,340.00 in personal as well as institutional subscription payments and $981.91 in accrued interest, for a total of $14,321.91.


The total debit for the same period was $12,472.57. The three largest items were: $6,920.19 for printing of JEAL issues 135-138; $2,198.29 for mailing; and $1,685.50 for the 2005 annual meeting. The ending balance of the CEAL account as of March 31, 2006 is $23,082.42. This reflects a net increase of $2,613.34 over the previous year¡¯s final total.


For details, please see  http://wason.library.cornell.edu/CEAL/CEALFinancialReport/CEALFinancialReport.htm  
        for the report by Sarah Elman.


8.       Tax Exempt Status Report (Kristina Troost)


Kris contacted Michael Pascal, but he asked for more time. Kris will follow up.


9.      Special Committees Reports


A. Special Committee for 2006 IFLA Seoul  (Philip Melzer and Joy Kim)


Philip, Co-Chair, reported that the Pre-conference Planning Committee has made progress in determining the logistics of the meeting, selecting speakers, putting together a program, and investigating the publication of the papers presented at the meeting.  The committee selected 24 papers and one keynote address from over 30 proposals and developed a two track program (attached).  The keynote speaker will be Satoru Takeuchi, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Japanese Library Association.  The day before the Preconference, on Aug. 17, there will be a tour of Kyujanggak (the Yi dynasty¡¯s Royal Library), the Museum, and the Library of the Seoul National University. The Committee hopes to publish a paper in a book format and is negotiating with a publisher. The planning committee is organized in the following teams:


Fundraising: Mikyung Kang (Chair), Hyokyoung Yi, Younghee Sohn, Keiko Yokota-Carter, Zhijia Shen, and Joy Kim


Logistics: Sunyoon Lee (Chair), Younghee Sohn, Mikyung Kang, Wenling Liu, Wooseob Jeong, Hana Kim, and Joy Kim

Program: Wooseob Jeong (Co-Chair), Philip Melzer (Co-Chair), Peter Zhou, Zhijia Shen, Akira Miyazawa, Sunyoon Lee, Keiko Yokota-Carter, and Gary Gorman

Publication: Hyokyoung Yi (Co-Chair), Philip Melzer (Co-Chair), Gary Gorman,
Hana Kim, Zhijia Shen, Wenling Liu, Akira Miyazawa, Gail King, and Peter Zhou.


B. Special Committee on CEAL Bylaws  (Hideyuki Morimoto)


The Special Committee on CEAL Bylaws was established in July 2005 with a charge to review Bylaws, prepare a draft revision, and formulate a ballot. The members (Abraham Yu, ex officio, Sarah Elman, Bob Felsing, Sun-Yoon Lee, and Hideyuki Morimoto) studied the current Bylaws thoroughly and identified the following 8 issues for consideration:


1) Should CEAL be an AAS committee or AAS affiliate?  If an AAS committee, its chairperson must be appointed by AAS Board of Directors.  If an AAS affiliate, it is not covered by AAS Articles of Incorporation, tax exempt status.


2) Should CEAL be covered by a tax exempt status under Section 501(0)(3)
(current Bylaws) or Section 501(c)(3)?


3) Should JEAL Editor, one of the two appointed (as opposed to elected) Executive Board members, have voting rights within the CEAL Executive Board, just as CEAL Statistics Coordinator/Chairperson of the Statistics Standing Committee, the other appointed member, does?


4) Should CEAL's representation in other relevant professional organizations, e.g., NCC, CC:AAM, CC:DA, MARBI, etc., be made formal to ensure continuity?


5) Should the chairperson of CEAL Nominating Committee be changed from "normally ... the immediate Past President" to "one whom CEAL President appoints"?


6) Should the number of candidates in the final election slate specified?


7) Currently voters are forced to cast their vote to only one of the three area committees (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Materials Committees).  Can this be changed so they can vote for more than one area Committee?


8) Should the election schedule be changed so that chairpersons of standing committees will not be elected in the same year as Secretary and Treasurer?


The Committee reviewed these issues in the following organizations¡¯ Bylaws and constitutions:  AAMES, AAS, ACRL, ALA, ALC, ALCTS, CALA, CONSALD, MELA, and CORMOSEA.  The Committee will submit a report to the EB with recommendations, and will work with CLT and the CEAL Treasurer for an electronic vote.  


10.  Standing Committee Reports on Activities


A. Chinese Materials (Zhijia Shen)


During the term of 2005-08 CCM intends to carry on the good tradition and wonderful work of
the predecessor to further the mission and goals of CEAL in developing library services for Chinese materials and Chinese studies librarianship in North America.  The committee members are, in alphabetical order, Su Chen of University of Minnesota, Amy Tsiang of UCLA, Anna U of University of Toronto, Chengzhi Wang of Columbia University, Dianna Xu of University of Wisconsin Madison, Kuant-tien Yao of University of Hawaii, and Zhijia Shen (chair), with Abraham Yu and now Philip Melzer being ex-officio.

In the past year, the committee has worked on several major projects: redesigned and developed the committee Website (http://www.library.ucla.edu/libraries/eastasian/ccmweb/); planned and fundraised for a Chinese librarians training program; explored ways to facilitate the understanding and communication between librarians and providers of Chinese e-content to help librarians to make better decisions when selecting electronic resources for their collections; conducted a survey of CEAL membership to identify issues about copyright to assist Chinese studies librarians in handling copyrights for Chinese materials. The 2006 annual program of the CCM partly demonstrates the committee¡¯s hard work in the past year.


B. Japanese Materials (Keiko Yokota Carter)


Goals for the CJM are to:

  1. Promote communication among Japanese studies librarians internationally
  2. Form a panel on international digital resources with members from Japan, Europe, and the US. 
  3. Work closely with NCC, which has funds and is responsible for workshops to train Japanese studies librarians. 


C. Korean Materials


Sunyoon Lee reported on behalf of Mikyung Kang, Chair, who was absent due to a conflict (Open House at Stanford).


  1. Many Korean studies librarians reviewed the LC¡¯s draft revision of the Korean Romanization rules and offered comments. Yunah Sung of the University of Michigan led this effort.
  2. CKM is creating a Web-based Romanization dictionary.  Currently 3,000 words have been entered.
  3. There was a Workshop for Overseas Korean librarians in October 2005 in Seoul, Korea, sponsored by the Korea Foundation and the National Library of Korea.  The former CKM Chair, Hyokyoung Yi, successfully wrote a proposal for this workshop during her term, and Mikyung Kang, current chair, coordinated the implementation.  Twenty-five librarians from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and France attended this historic event.  The weeklong workshop consisted of lectures, field trips, meetings, and hospitalities with plentiful Korean-style exquisite cuisine (some of them inspired by the famous Korean drama, Tae Chang-gum).  Based on the success of the first workshop, it is expected that this will be an annual or biennial event.   
  4. CKM plans to publish a book on overseas Korean studies collections, hopefully in time for the IFLA in Seoul in August.
  5. ¡¡

D. Library Technology (Xian Wu)


Xian gave a brief preview of the upcoming CLT program:


  1. Survey of the implementation and use of CJK input method editors in our libraries
    (by Victoria Chu)
  2. Comparison of online database usage tracking technology in China and U.S.
    (by Guohua Wang)
  3. CEAL Web site - domain name and server issue.  The current status and alternatives for future planning and implementation (by Robert Britt and Dawn Lawson)
  4. CEAL Web site - Current content issues of the web site, some suggestions and input (by Tao Yang)
  5. Quick and Dirty Overview of Chinese and Korean blogs (by Sun-Yoon Lee, Xian Wu)


E. Public Services (David Hickey)

The Committee¡¯s new Webpage is up.   A new feature is Focus on Issues:Working Policy-Procedure Papers, Bibliographies covering the following topics:


  1. Public Services and New Technology
  2. User Training
  3. East Asian Library Public Service Flexibility in the Progressively More Globally-Focused Academic Context 
  4.  Reference Five-Star Service, Including ILL and Document Delivery 
  5. Physical Problems: Space, Collection Inclusions/Exclusions/Shelving Arrangements 
  6. Serving Asian Americans and Chinese-Japanese-Korean Non-academic Constituencies in Academic and Other Research Collections 
  7. AskEASL Nationally, and on the Local Level---East Asian E-mail and Chat Reference Services: Redundant and Ignored, or Valuable/Unique to the Field and Used?


F. Technical Processing (Mary Lin)


  1. The CTP had a highly successful SCCTP Workshop on Advanced Serials Cataloging at UC-Berkeley on April 3-4, 2006.  UC Berkeley was an outstanding host, providing breakfasts, snacks, and other hospitalities.  Mary is very grateful for the help the workshop participants received from UC Berkeley.
  2. The Committee sent LC its comments on Addition of Dates to Existing Personal Name Headings.   The Committee also collected and sent CEAL¡¯s comments on Part I of the RDA (Resource Description and Access) as well as LC¡¯s proposal.


G. Membership (Jim Cheng)

No report. 


H. Statistics (Vickie Doll)


The following new features in the statistics database have been implemented:

  1. The previous years¡¯ data have been graded out to disallow editing
  2. ER pages have been added
  3. Pre 1998 data have been separated.  The Committee will populate this ¡°old¡± database


Vickie stated that mistakes will be corrected, but past records cannot be updated by members.  One EB member expressed concerns about this policy.   



11.   Receptions and Library Tours (Abraham J. Yu)


Abraham Yu said that this year¡¯s meeting offers more sites to visit than any other years in the past (UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the Ricci Institute of the University of San Francisco¡¯s Center for the Pacific Rim).  

13. Asian Librarians Liaison Committee (ALL) Meeting (Abraham J. Yu)


Abraham asked for volunteers to attend the ALL meeting, scheduled for Saturday, April 8, 2006, 7:15 p.m.-9:00 p.m. in Pacific Suite A.  Kris and Ellen volunteered. 


For       Treasurer¡¯s report        http://wason.library.cornell.edu/CEAL/CEALFinancialReport/CEALFinancialReport.htm

For        IFLA Preconference Program   http://wason.library.cornell.edu/CEAL/IFLAProgram02282006.htm


(Recorded and respectfully submitted by Joy Kim, Secretary)