Council on East Asian Libraries

Association for Asian Studies



Wednesday, March 30, 2005

8:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m.

Hyatt Regency Chicago

Chicago, IL



I.                    Welcome and Introductory Remarks (Abraham J. Yu) 

II.                 Honoring Retirees and Those Who Came Before Us 

A.     Recognition of Retirees (Abraham J. Yu)          

B.     Tribute to Our Departed Colleagues and Friends (Abraham J. Yu)

C.     Special Honoree

Chi Wang  (Yuan Zhou) 

III.               Highlights of the Asian Division Activities in 2004  (Hwa-Wei Lee, Chief, Asian Division, LC)            

IV.              The Precarious Economics of Preserving Developing World Knowledge: A Center for Research Libraries Perspective (Bernard F. Reilly, President) 

V.                 Development of CJK Collections in Australia: Problems and Prospects (Amelia McKenzie, Director, Asian Collections, National Library of Australia) 

VI.              CEAL Special Committees Reports

A.     Special Committee to Study Proposal for Comprehensive Review of LCSH/NAR/SAR Entries for East Asian Studies (Hideyuki Morimoto)

B.     Special Committee on JEAL as a Peer-Reviewed Journal  (Gail King)   

VII.            CEAL Membership Committee Reports

A.     CEAL Online Directory (Jim Cheng)

B.     CEAL Internship Weblog (Rob Britt)

VIII.         CEAL Statistics Committee Report (Vickie Doll)

IX.               CEAL Treasurers Report (Sarah Elman)

X.                 CEAL Election Results (Bob Felsing)

XI.               Recognition of Outgoing Executive Board Members (Abraham J. Yu)

XII.            Announcements

A.     CEAL Fellowship Dinner (Yuan Zhou) 

B.     Other